15-metre radio telescope in Piwnice

The 15-meter telescope design (by eng. Z. Bujakowski) is based on an element of the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope. It is an equatorial mounted, solid surface, parabolic dish with the prime focus optics. Since opening of the telescope in 1977 a number of observing projects has been pursued. The foremost of them is the participation in VLBI enterprise (the first successful observations were done at 6 cm wavelength on 21st May, 1981). To this end the telescope is equipped with non-cooled receivers for the standard frequencies of 327, 609, 1420, 1660 and 5,000 MHz, the rubidium frequency standard, and the Mark IIc VLBI terminal (built entirely by the TRAO staff). Of the other projects mentioning deserves a pulsar monitoring, which begun at the early 80-ties. Presently the antenna is used mainly as a training tool for students.