TCfA Technical Report no. 2/2017

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Create Date Monday January 29th, 2018
Last Updated 2018-03-08

Measurements of RT-32 rail surface - 2017 status

Measurements of the RT-32 rail height variations are discussed. In July and October 2017 two independent sessions of rail height  measurement were performed. The measurements were performed for selected telescope legs and dish orientations (Z = 0◦ and Z = 60◦ ). Using an analog distance indicator we detect rail height variations with respect to telescope trolleys chassis as a function of azimuth angle and a separation of the indicator probe from the the telescope wheels. These analog measurements are recorded using a video camera.
The video camera recordings are converted to a digital form by means of frame-by-frame image analysis, and then are associated with the orientation of the antenna. We discuss these data in the context of the azimuths of the track welding points and measurement setting.

The digital version of the data are provided as text file attachments and discussed.